Klamath Basin Property Rights Resolution

by the Constitution Party National Committee -  Spring 2003 – Portland, Oregon

Whereas, the United States government has waged an undeclared war against citizens of these United States, who farm and ranch for their livelihood and thus feed the world. This war has taken the form of regulatory chains applied to the backs of an otherwise free people. The accounts of intolerable acts by regulatory governments-within-a-government have increased our burden beyond our endurance.

Whereas, the United States government has failed repeatedly to come to the aid of our countrymen, it is time for the Constitution Party to speak.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Constitution Party will stand with and beside all our countrymen like those in the Klamath Basin in their efforts to control their own destiny. The Constitution Party acknowledges the right of the people to live upon their land without government tyranny and domestic terrorism stalking their freedom. Therefore, we urge energetic and appropriate action by all citizens to protect their God-given rights.